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Another visit to my favorite Greece

Short vacations back to homeland. From perfect jumps, to snorkeling, flights, and meeting friends and relatives. I get so many comments about the economical state and the crisis in my country lately. Huge political errors made in the last 4 … Continue reading

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Drag polar determination paper to be presented in Annual SFTE Symposium, Lancaster, CA

A THEORETICAL REVIEW OF THE EFMA FLIGHT TEST TECHNIQUE AND EVALUATION METHOD Abstract The Excess Force Mass Acceleration (EFMA) Flight Test Technique and Evaluation Method calculates the drag polar and the propulsive tangential force for an aircraft without requiring any … Continue reading

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UAV Flying Qualities… what do you really mean?

It has been observed that in the flight test and operational communities the definition of UAV flying qualities (FQ) has not been clear to everyone. A 2003 paper titled “UAV handling qualities… you must be joking” is just an example … Continue reading

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