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Setting up a modern telemetry room

In the process of upgrading a telemetry room… Having done the initial setup, the MATLAB real-time plotting codes are removed and replaced by a dedicated real-time display and analysis package used by the major aircraft manufacturers and the biggest training … Continue reading

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Performance Groundschool and Tower fly by’s

Two busy weeks on aircraft performance, lecturing on Gas Properties, Standard Atmosphere, Air Data, Pressure Error Corrections, Stalls, Take-off and Landing performance, Cruise performance, Climb performance, Maneuverability and Excess Power were completed successfully. Hard work for the students and the … Continue reading

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Test Pilot School Graduations

The Graduation at a TPS is always a very special event. Either military or civilian TPS a formal graduation dinner takes place, where the whole course reaches an end with students being awarded their certificates, all instructors being present and … Continue reading

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