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Tribute to a friend

I met Jesuardo at Forth-Worth TX in 2013. He approached me and asked me “Are you the author of aeroscience blog?”. I replied positively. “That’s great, I follow it!” he said. From that point and throughout that Symposium we spent … Continue reading

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Flying the Wright Flyer B

Unique experience flying in the replica of Wright Brothers second airplane. Literally open cockpit flight with unconventional controls, makes you built enormous respect for those pioneers and their incredible machines!

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SETP Great Lakes presentation, Dayton OH

Receiving an “SETP coin” after a presentation on Fly-by-wire testing, Dayton, 14 May 2015.

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NATO UAS Presentation, Ottawa

Presentation in NATO UAS Flight Testing Symposium, Ottawa, 13 May 2015.

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