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Visit to the National Museum of USAF

I have been to the National Museum of United States Air Force in Dayton OH a few times. Each and every time is worth it and every time there are new things to discover and learn. If Philosophy and Democracy belong … Continue reading

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Freefalling and body aerodynamics

Beside the adrenaline rush, skydiving involves some aerodynamic challenges which are not directly evident to the distant observer. Beside establishing and maintaining flight stability which is highly dependent on the arc position and the symmetrical application of the aerodynamic forces … Continue reading

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Calculating angle of attack without an air data boom

Angle of attack () and angle of sideslip () have always been some of the most difficult parameters to measure precisely. A number of methods has been proposed in the past for measuring those angles with the aid of an … Continue reading

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Trapped in a Gimbal lock

Describing aircraft attitude with Euler angles has probably been the most common way to do so, especially when considering the kinematic equations that describe aircraft motion. However solving the Euler based kinematic equations for simulation purposes contains a mighty trap… … Continue reading

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My Greek Hurricane Mk.IIc skin ~ 2000

Back in the days (~2000) we were flying the Jane’s WW2 Fighters simulator on the dawn of the online flight simulation era. Even though the Hurricane was not one of the main aircraft I flew, historical reasons imposed me to create … Continue reading

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