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UTIAS visit – Variable Stability and Upset Recoveries

A visit at University of Toronto – Institute for Aerospace Studies was arranged in order to expose some TPS students to the Variable Stability concepts in a moving base simulator. Beside this, we had the chance to experience some Upset … Continue reading

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Developing HELIWASP™

The HELIcopter Weapons and Avionics Simulation Platform (HELIWASP™) is currently under development as a flexible Helicopter simulation platform focused on weapons and avionics testing. Setup is primarily composed of OTS hardware components which are integrated though a number of programming … Continue reading

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Reviewing AVIATION 2017 abstracts

I was assigned the review of a number of abstracts for AVIATION 2017 being currently a member of the Flight Test Technical Committee. Definitely a responsibility to evaluate and decide on work of colleagues. Currently subjects or other details cannot … Continue reading

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Night flying under a cloudy full moon

Night rating flights are currently taking place. Quite an experience navigating in a night VFR environment though city lights and full moon light.

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November Remembrance

Remembrance Day is a memorial day observed in Commonwealth of Nations member states since the end of the First World War to remember the members of their armed forces who have died in the line of duty (ref. Wiki). November … Continue reading

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IFR training sim setup

Instrument Flying Rules flying is not considered the most exciting or easiest form of flying and that is why many pilots skip it. However those who are IFR rated will admit that this is a new world of flying where … Continue reading

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Yaw due to roll rate derivative

Preparing a series of lectures on Aerodynamic Derivatives, I came through one of the less common and maybe less well understood stability derivatives, the yaw due to roll rate . Different textbooks provide different explanations on the physical origins of … Continue reading

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