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Night rating complete

Finally! Night rating complete. Best part, the Toronto night tour at 2,000′ MSL (~1,750′ AGL) passing by the CN Tower just above the lighted sky-scrapers. Just magic… Advertisements

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Technical manuals write-up and text editing tools…

For the last weeks I have been heavily involved in the write-up of technical academic manuals for flight test. Writing of academic manuals (textbooks) is not a simple task, as beside the technical content that has to be included, the … Continue reading

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Delivering supplemental training in Baltimore, ML

A short trip to the area Baltimore ML took place to deliver supplemental training on Unmanned Air System testing to a US customer. Pictures or further information cannot be disclosed. I was just amazed for one more time by the … Continue reading

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Weapons testing patch

Due to my technical and flight simulation contribution in a recent Weapons Testing course at ITPS, I was honored to be included in the course’s patch indicated by the Greek flag. A great gathering of expertise around the world delivered … Continue reading

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Poem – Foni Elatous

Your roots are where you start  – and for some people where you should end too. My roots go back to Grigorio and Elatou, two villages in the highland of Nafpaktia. It was a honor for me that my career in … Continue reading

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