Remote lecturing

The current pandemic has changed our working environment and many things which up to now were considered a given.

As always we need to improvise, adapt and overcome and that’s what’s happening. I started this week delivering lectures remotely using a multiple display setup and a real-time virtual board and the results are outstanding!
Below a photo capture from the student’s view point.

remote lecturing

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Journal paper published in JEMR

This publication in Journal of Eye Movement Research took a while, but it was all worth it. Congratulations to the first author for the great effort.


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All-day studying Sundays

Right or wrong, that’s my reality lately.

When I was a PhD student, I had the following poster in my room. Success does not come on an autopilot. You have to put in the time, the work, the discipline, endure adversity, even (and especially) when no one is looking. Don’t count backwards, count upwards emphasizing your progress and accomplishments.


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Student feedback received

A the end of the day this is what really counts and what motivates me even more! The following part come under the section of “further comments” of a course critique form filled in by students at the end of each course. In this case the student was already an experienced Research Engineer working on the Korean Fighter Program KFX.


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ATPL Theory Progress: 100%

Groundschool complete! Finally! Now for the written exams, 14 of them…


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Modern fighter aircraft performance flight testing

Delivering a presentation during the 8th Annual ITPS Flight Test Seminar on F-35 performance requirements verification using model validation methods rather than traditional performance demonstration.



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ATPL Theory Progress: 75+ %…

Getting there… less than 25% left on the ATPL theory section.


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Breaking down F-35 Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion CLAWs

As part of the ITPS DFCS course update some new content was created on NDI control laws. The simplified break-down makes it easier for student non-FCS specialists to identify the components of the NDI control strategy and understand their role and the control flow.

NDI simplified breakdown

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Coolest crop drawing showing ISS!


View out of my airplane today southwest of Woodstock ON. By far the coolest crop drawing out there, showing ISS, an astronaut, a spaceship and planet earth!

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UAS flight test course 2019


The future is coming and we are here to welcome it!

Developing a brand new highly modern UAS flight test course at ITPS. Some initial plots of basic FQ and CLAW evaluations below. Course contains full performance, systems, payloads and autonomy testing using various platforms and sensors.

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