Reviewer for an ELSEVIER journal


Another paper assigned for review from Journal of Engineering Failure Analysis. Manuscript reviewing is a high responsibility – I’ll take it, as I want others taking it for me.

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HELIWASP™ complete

Cool setup! Last thing remaining the mechanical interconnection of the controls.


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Cooperation with an Air Force Military Academy

Honored to be contacted by a National Air Force Military Academy for participation in their research (not my homeland’s Air Force). Initial project plan has been laid out and looking forward to a productive 2017. More details cannot be released at the moment.

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UTIAS visit – Variable Stability and Upset Recoveries


A visit at University of Toronto – Institute for Aerospace Studies was arranged in order to expose some TPS students to the Variable Stability concepts in a moving base simulator. Beside this, we had the chance to experience some Upset Recovery training as modeled for a current Part 25 airplane, going through stick shaker, stick pusher and eventually variable intensity roll-offs depending on the configuration and the entry deceleration rate.


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Developing HELIWASP™

The HELIcopter Weapons and Avionics Simulation Platform (HELIWASP™) is currently under development as a flexible Helicopter simulation platform focused on weapons and avionics testing. Setup is primarily composed of OTS hardware components which are integrated though a number of programming tools. Compared with other similar solutions being in the 6digit price range, HELIWASP™ has only a fraction of the cost and could also be considered a more flexible platform serving as a base for further development. Still work on external visuals and mounting systems has to be done, but the proof of concept was been already demonstrated and the remaining work should be a matter of time and a relatively small budget.



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Reviewing AVIATION 2017 abstracts


I was assigned the review of a number of abstracts for AVIATION 2017 being currently a member of the Flight Test Technical Committee. Definitely a responsibility to evaluate and decide on work of colleagues. Currently subjects or other details cannot be released, but it was a constructive experience cooperating with other reviewers mostly from the US and forming a correct mindset on what a good paper/abstract should look like.

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Night flying under a cloudy full moon

Night rating flights are currently taking place. Quite an experience navigating in a night VFR environment though city lights and full moon light.


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