Breaking down F-35 Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion CLAWs

As part of the ITPS DFCS course update some new content was created on NDI control laws. The simplified break-down makes it easier for student non-FCS specialists to identify the components of the NDI control strategy and understand their role and the control flow.

NDI simplified breakdown

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Coolest crop drawing showing ISS!


View out of my airplane today southwest of Woodstock ON. By far the coolest crop drawing out there, showing ISS, an astronaut, a spaceship and planet earth!

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UAS flight test course 2019


The future is coming and we are here to welcome it!

Developing a brand new highly modern UAS flight test course at ITPS. Some initial plots of basic FQ and CLAW evaluations below. Course contains full performance, systems, payloads and autonomy testing using various platforms and sensors.

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Seaplane rating complete


Two unforgettable days flying a C-180 on floats over the 30,000 islands of Georgian Bay completing my Canadian Seaplane rating. A magical experience landing on small lakes and enjoying the beauty of the wilderness…

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Admitted in MENSA

Scored top 1% on my 1st attempt on a supervised IQ test and just received my admission email to MENSA High IQ Society. Reality is, that IQ is just 1% of the requirements for success, the rest 99% being hard work and dedication.
Regardless, I am going to celebrate this one, as every other small or big success of mine, popping a bottle of fine wine. Cheers!


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At Southwest Aerospace Symposium with Charlie

With former NASA Administrator and Space Shuttle Commander MGen (Ret.) Charlie Bolden at University of Texas at Arlington. Charlie was the keynote speaker and I was invited lecturer during the Southwest Aerospace Symposium.


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ATPL Theory Progress: 50%…

Moving on… 50% done, 50% to go.


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