2023… GO!

Ready for another year. Despite the hardships, we are getting closer to all of our dreams… all systems GO!

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“Horizontal Panos” – Graduation Dec 2022

No matter how hard the training course… the graduation is always all fun and smiles!

Another successful year complete at ITPS and overall with all objectives complete. Looking forward to an even better one!

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FTE students check rides on the B60 Duke

I have not been flying a lot lately. Too much ground work and no free time. I am going to fix that in the near future though…

Anyway, for now I got onboard a number of flights for FTE student check rides. During these flights a number of skills and competences are assessed starting from ground briefings, all the way to flight management, data gathering and analysis, safety monitoring, CRM, overall technical understanding and others. Very glad to report that all ΙTPS FTE students exceeded the graduation standards, with most of the improvements to be made been identified on test cards optimization (not a surprise considering the limited time they had for preparation) and in-flight test crew communications.

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AIAA Aviation 2023 abstracts review

For one more year I was assigned the review of several flight test related abstracts submitted for the Aviation 2023. It seems that there was an increased number of submissions this year in multiple scientific events/forums. This is possibly attributed to the post-COVID era with people willing to submit their work again and attend this type of events. Interestingly (and fortunately I could add) a large number of events now offer remote attendance as a standard option. Very good news for those who cannot easily travel so they can stay up to date with latest scientific advancements.

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The end of my ESA Astronaut selection journey

As many colleagues of mine ask about my progress in the ESA Astronaut selection, I am writing to inform them that my journey ended at the medical testing phase.

Even if I topped my group in terms of physical performance metrics, a genetic attribute of my spine (over which I have no control) was outside the limits required for long duration spaceflight.

I feel I walk out of the Astronaut selection process with my head high, having given my 110% and wish the best to the two of my groupmates and the single Greek who are currently in the final stage of 25 candidates. Ad astra!

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Symposium Chair for the 53rd International SFTE Symposium

Such a pleasure to be the Symposium Chair of the 53rd International SFTE Symposium. We just completed a successful week of 30 excellent papers, short courses, tech tours and social events. A great opportunity to learn about flight test, share lessons learned, and meet with international colleagues.

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Elected Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society

I was just elected Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, the oldest aeronautical society in the world founded in 1866.
Another professional goal box gets ticked through recognition of my peers. A sincere thank you to all of them.

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Refresher flights and license renewals

After being grounded for a number of months due to lack of time and other higher priorities, I got back in the air both in CPR5 and LGMG.

Flying is like cycling indeed… it just comes back quickly :-)

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Completion of a CyberT&E short course

As part of a new module on Cyber Systems T&E introduced at ITPS, I attended as the supervising instructor last month. I found it interesting, though I felt that it could be improved for our purposes.

I just received the certificate below (which has my last name misspelled in one case…*sigh*).

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10 years of aeroscience… wow!

Today my blog celebrates its 10th year birthday! Who would have imagined…

Inspired by my cousin Chris B. and my love for aviation science I created this blog back in 2012 while I was going through the ITPS Flight Test Diploma course, not really sure what the content would be.

Since then and on approximately monthly basis I rest in this blog primarily some of my professional work and it’s a great way to track some things which I could otherwise have forgotten.

Happy birthday aeroscience! Cheers to more years to come!

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