SciTech 2022 – Abstract reviewing

After more than a year of virtual/online events we are back at least to partially physical. Currently reviewing flight test abstracts for SciTech 2022.

From the position of an AIAA Associate Fellow I just feel it is my duty to contribute more to the organization.

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The greatest adventure in history…

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MathCAD rocks!

I wished I had used this software much earlier for analytical calculations required in aerospace problems (definitely not by chance that Bjarni has been using this for ages…)

Anyway, better late than never.

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Thrust effect on lifting boundary as determined by a WuT

The following part is from an article I recently submitted to be published in the SETP Cockpit magazine and follows up an analysis I had performed few years ago.

To complete this analysis and quantify the effect of the thrust setting on ITR, a specific example is considered. The following figures (3 and 4) are analytically generated and correspond to a high-performance fighter aircraft assuming a 9g limit, a weight of 20,000kg, altitude 20,000 ft and max thrust at that altitude of 20,000lbs. The primary analysis considers a α_max of 50deg and δ=0 (Fig.3(a) and Fig,4(a)), and a sensitivity analysis is performed for α_max of 60 and 40 deg as well (Fig.3(b) and Fig,4(b)).

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Having fun flying for currency

Back into flying to get my currency up… all fun and good stuff!

Other than that too busy with multiple projects and preparations, as well as travelling internationally under harsh COVID restrictions…

Oh, and I love the take-off runway view!

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Lecture on Bell X-2 flight test accident

As part of the 2021 fixed wing Flying Qualities ground school, I provided a new lecture on the Bell X-2 Roll Coupling flight test accident.

The lecture reviewed the whole flight test program and examined in detail the last and record-breaking flight, where the X-2 became the victim of three distinct coupling modes, one leading directly into the next, eventually destroying the aircraft and killing the test pilot Capt. Milburn “Mel” Apt.

Reconstruction of the event from historical data included an analysis of the variation of key stability derivatives with increasing Mach number and how these contributed to the aircraft’s departure from controlled flight.

AT ITPS we strongly believe that the history of flight test and the lessons learnt from past projects is a necessary element in forming the culture and the mindset of future flight test professionals.

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ITPS 787 Variable Stability Engineering Simulator

I completed the first phase of Variable Stability modification of the ITPS 787 simulator. The sim is equipped with a Variable Control Loading system (yoke and rudder pedals) which, when combined with the different flight models, provides the students with a complete learning experience in appreciating the airframe inherent flying qualities and how they may be influenced by the FCS characteristics.

For the time being the sim is fully based on Lockheed Martin Prepar3D simulator, but more options are examined for the next phases.

Overall a great training tool, I very much enjoy it!

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Perseverance has landed!

In August 2012 I had made a post on the landing of Curiosity rover on Mars. I have to make one more for the landing of Perseverance. Historic moments, astonishing engineering work! I am amazed…

Humanity through perseverance moves on and I am looking forward or that blog post to announce the landing of humans on Mars.

Note: The above rendering might have an inaccuracy as according to NASA during the rover’s release the thrust was operating in limited mode where only 4 rockets were firing.

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Done “deal” (aka engagement)

It was about time… after 39 years of wondering and adventures, the deal is done. Grateful for all that I have been through till now, feeling full, experienced, mature and ready, the time is right.

Now moving forward with a different perspective, but still with a great passion for life. Let’s go!

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New CAO position at ITPS

Signed a new contract for the full-time position of Chief Academic Officer and Flight Test Instructor at ITPS, responsible for the soon expected MSc program, possibly the best position I can get anywhere in the world.

I highly appreciate the offering of the company and I feel pumped up to make a critical change in its progress. It’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be hard, but that’s exactly where the challenge lies and my excitement.

Per aspera ad astra!

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