SFTE Senior Member upgrade

Few days ago, I received my Senior Member Certificate from the Society of Flight Test Engineers, making me the youngest Senior Member in the Organization. The work, the papers, the presentations, the Board contributions, resulted in this membership upgrade and it will not stop here. I am in an amazing position in my life, but I am still working like I am not. I am still working like I am not in that position! Always striving to push forward.

This post would be incomplete if it did not pay tribute to International Test Pilots School and its President Giorgio Clementi for the opportunities they have given to me during the past 7 years.

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Lecture at Ryerson University

Delivering a talk as guest lecturer in Aeronautics at Ryerson University, Toronto.
Every time I step on a stage, I feel like beside the company I work for, I also represent my country Greece, my hometown Agrinio, my friends and my family… and that drives me more!

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Heli Sim evaluation, Orlando FL

Quick trip to Orlando for the evaluation of a helicopter simulator. Multiple interesting features but lack of modularity for the purpose of the evaluation. Promising though.


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Last flight for 2018

For pilots, airplanes are like women, you need to devote them time and treat them gently.
My last flight for 2018 was flying solo in this classic lady, Piper PA-23 Apache. A great way to close a great year.
Looking forward to an even more amazing one, as it can always be more amazing!

last_flight _2018

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Guidelines for RCS testing – 7th ITPS Annual Seminar

Presenting on Guidelines for RCS Testing of Modern Stealth Aircraft during the 7th Annual Flight Test Seminar and Graduation event of International Test Pilots School. In the attached photos with ITPS President Giorgio Clementi, SFTE President James Sergeant and F-35 Test Pilot Billy Flynn.

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Mig-31 Firefox RCS calculation

As part of an ITPS module on Stealth, I reproduced a Naval Postgraduate School exercise calculating analytically the RCS of the fictitious Mig-31 Firefox. To be more accurate, the RCS is approximated by modelling various aircraft components with simpler shapes which RCS can be analytically calculated.


However, I find that the modelling described in the original document is way over simplifying and highly overestimating the expected Mig-31 RCS. Some modifications were made, especially in the modelling of the engine inlets and exhausts to give more realistic values.  Still, the exercise’s purpose is more to introduce students to some of the RCS concepts, rather than an realistic estimation. Followig the RCS peaks plot at 0 deg elevation angle.


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What is your “flying purpose”?

Today I performed a basic evaluation of a Glass Upgrade for DG/HSI and Attitude Instruments on a Cessna 172. It is not a fast jet, but I much enjoyed the process. In the end of the day I feel that what matters most is not “what” you are flying, but “why” you are flying, and for me flying for science and engineering sits in the top of the “flying purpose” list, being surpassed only by flying for the purpose of saving human lives and defending one’s homeland. Cheers

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