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One year further, one year closer…

A demanding but successful year reaches an end and already looking forward to the next one, while back in Greece. During this year’s graduation ceremony and seminar at ITPS I had the pleasure to meet fellow flight tester Colonel (HAF) Apostolos Doukellis. … Continue reading

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Abstract accepted at NATO UAS Flight Testing Symposium in Ottawa, May 2015

My submitted abstract was accepted this week and Ι will be presenting at a NATO Symposium in Ottawa next May. Unmanned Air Systems are becoming more widely used by NATO in the major conflict areas around the world. Content and more … Continue reading

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Propeller effect on yawing and rolling moments in a sideslip

This post was triggered by a relevant discussion on the subject and the asymmetries in a SHSS that might be encountered in a prop aircraft. There are a number of different propeller induced effects on the weathercock stability (Cn_beta) and dihedral … Continue reading

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Circular Error Probable approximations for weapons testing

Circular Error Probable (CEP) is defined as “the radius of a circle centered at the target or mean point of impact within which the probability of impact is 0.5“. CEP is used significantly in measuring weapons systems’ impact accuracy and some navigation … Continue reading

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Visit to the Kennedy Space Center, Florida

A visit to the Kennedy Space Station is an experience of a lifetime. Getting exposed to all those technological marvels blows and in the same time humbles ones mind. Seeing with my own eys and trying to conceive the egnineering work … Continue reading

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Software for flight test data analysis and data reduction

The following is from a post I did at the SFTE Forum and considered to put it also here for future reference: I have tried various packages for data analysis/reduction. Below my opinion on some of the most common ones. … Continue reading

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Firing mini-guns in Arizona desert

Weapons testing in Arizona desert. Flying a Little Bird in different shooting profiles and firing two 7.62mm mini-guns at 3000 shots/min each. Terrifying fun…

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