Reviewer Certificate received

Always glad when your efforts are recognized; especially when this is done by one of the world’s major scientific information providers.


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EASA Licence refresher on a Warrior

Some flights logged out of LGMG for an EASA licence refresher. While the Piper PA-28 is performance wise very similar to the other traditional trainer Cessna 172, their flying qualities and general operation experience significant differences, including Flight Control Mechanical characteristics, manual flap operation and ground effect during landing.


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Flying a fly-by-wire DA-42, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

A unique flight on TUM DA-42 research airplane fully FBW and OPV at Diamond Aircraft facilities in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. Great experience trying various control laws using an active stick – probably the only active stick on a Part-23 aircraft in the world. The flight was part of a project investigating options for a variable stability aircraft. Many thanks to TU Munich and Diamond for this opportunity.


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Performance Flight Test Course, Tampere, Finland

The Performance phase of the FinAF Flight Test Course was delivered during February at Tampere Finland.  The course covered the standard performance topics, focusing more on modern fighter aircraft and performance model validation. During the course the Hawk Mk.66 was used extensively.
I am very confident to say that ITPS has delivered another world top quality military flight test course resulting in a very satisfied customer.

FINAF Flight Test Course

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2018 message

“Yesterday was early
Tomorrow will be late
Today is the time”

Happy New Year!


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T-33 flight with Snort


Snort & Turf (Dec 6, 2017)

A flight in the CT-133 was completed investigating the effect of Reynolds number on buffet and stall speed for the case of a straight wing single-engine jet.
Amazing experience flying with Dale “Snort” Snodgrass, the highest time F-14 pilot and the one who performed that incredible super low, super close pass next to the USS America (CV-66) in 1988.

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Abstract reviewer for AIAA Aviation 2018


Abstracts reviewed for AIAA Aviation 2018 Flight Testing Conference. Promising bunch of papers coming up. Looking forward to Atlanta GA for an exciting event.

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