To airline pilot… or not?

For a moment and after the completion of my EASA ATPL I considered changing career path to join the airlines (at least when the industry stands up again). Being an airline pilot is a pretty good career, but is it better than my current one, or is it a downgrade as someone recently told me?

My dilemma found a clear answer through a LinkedIn stream, where I came through an airline pilot confirming his successful career with the completion of an impressive 15,000 flight hours posting the following photo.

Looking at the photo, reminded me the airline pilot reality which many external people are unaware. I am a fully rated pilot, love flying and I might flight commercially at some point, but airlines are not for me.

Let’s move on…!

Disclaimer: This message has no intention to judge anyone on appearance, just states a reality of the airline pilot being a desk job with high automation and long hours of inactivity.

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