More on Cooper Harper Rating scale and Greek version 2.0

The Cooper Harper Rating (CHR) scale is definitely a universal Handling Qualities reference and the most important scale used in Flight Test. It is probably one of the strongest binding links connecting the 1960’s era of flight testers to those of today.

Developed in 1969 it has since been widely used and studied all around the world. Numerous research projects have been done on the scale’s use and other studies trying to propose modifications or replacements. It has been so widely used and recognized, that even if it has some flaws, it will always be the scale to use for Handling Qualities. Proper use and especially pilot understanding of its use can minimize issues like intrapilot or interpilot variability and errors and make the scale an effective engineering tool.

For those of the flying qualities or flight test engineers and pilots who have extensively studied it and used it in research, the CHR is like a living organism. You always have to respect it, not rush it and acknowledge its weak points. Then using it just becomes a pleasure.

Completing this month 3 years of extensive use and study of the scale, I went back to revise the first Greek version I had created. Surprisingly (or not), I did a significant number of changes to it considering my better understanding of the scale and the language. Will it ever be used? Probably not, because then the whole report will have to be translated to explain the wording used – as for other languages. This translation is mostly for archival purposes and a tribute to Cooper and Harper for their contributions to flight test.


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