MIL-STD-1797 FQ Criteria & Ghost Aircraft Project

MIL-STD-1797 is one of the most interesting Flying Qualities documents out there. Providing the extra steps that move away of the classical modal requirements found in MIL-F-8785C, 1797 contains criteria which can be much more sophisticated in order to cover the non-conventional FBW aircraft.

In short, some of those criteria (like LOES and Bandwidth) along with HQR tasks, were used to evaluate a number of different FCS laws for the Air-to-air refueling role as part of an exercise. Use of MATLAB and its toolboxes has made the calculation of the criteria parameters much less troublesome than it used to be few years ago.


The exercise under the name “Ghost Aircraft Project” was much enjoyed by TPS students and one of its humorous presentation slides is seen below (I was not among the presenters by the way, they just put my name there).


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