Tribute to a friend


I met Jesuardo at Forth-Worth TX in 2013. He approached me and asked me “Are you the author of aeroscience blog?”. I replied positively. “That’s great, I follow it!” he said.

From that point and throughout that Symposium we spent significant time together, he was very friendly, kindhearted and enthusiastic guy with great respect for everyone, making nice jokes and keeping always a smile on his face. I felt that we were friends from before. I met also his wife, Jesuardo seemed to really enjoy the time he spent with her. By the end of the symposium we greeted each other and made an appointment for the next year. Unfortunately in the Symposia that followed his colleagues always informed me that he was busy and could not attend, till the NATO Symposium in Ottawa. He was a member of the organizing committee, he had to attend. I couldn’t wait to meet him again!

The first morning of the NATO Symposium I went directly to his colleagues asking where I could find him. Their reply came as a shock: “Jesuardo was killed in the A400M crash, last Saturday”….

… It took me few days to comprehend his loss. My thought continually circled around him, his wife and the two children that he left behind, reminding me in the harshest way that flight test can kill…

Fare well my dear friend. We ‘ll meet again…

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