F-4 Phantom airfoils – .dat files


During a recent analysis, the F-4 airfoils were needed and I was surprised that their coordinate data (.dat files) are not found on the web… so they had to be generated with an airfoil design tool. All three airfoils are basic NACA symmetric airfoils with modified roundness and distance of maximum thickness.  Below they can be found and downloaded for anyone interested:

NACA 0006.4-64 (root)

NACA 0004-64 (wing fold-line)

NACA 0003-64 (tip)

And that’s how they look like:


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2 Responses to F-4 Phantom airfoils – .dat files

  1. Guido Ising says:

    Download is not ok. File for root and tip is the same!!!!

  2. aeroscience says:

    Fixed. Thanks for the comment.

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