Spin testing – Spin chutes and rockets


Spin testing is definitely a hazardous flight test, but is an essential part of a FAR-23 certification process. For cases of unrecoverable spins encountered during the tests, a Spin Recovery System (SRS) deploying a spin chute is used to stop rotation and reduce the AoA for the airplane to regain control. The SRS is usually composed from three main parts: i) a supportive structure attached to the fuselage ii) a spin chute and iii) a rocket that deploys the chute. Various secondary supportive systems come with those, all of which have to be tested for sound operation by themselves. The rocket motors we are looking into are manually activated and similar to an AM-3 type with a force in the order of 300N at a duration time of ~1 sec. The product of these two values is known as the rocket impulse. Charts of the rocket are seen below (some data are not displayed due to prepertiary information).rocket_chart (640x462)Part of the current work also includes a review of a spin Test Plan and supervision/management of a SRS dealing with both technical as well as non-technical challenges like shipping of explosives. This project is fun, but is not a game…

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