Supersonic footprint generation over lake Huron

Towards the request of a supersonic corridor over South Ontario, a supersonic footprint over lake Huron had to be generated in order to contribute towards the granting of permission from the authorities. The intended mission profile would be a Mig-23 accelerating from subsonic flight to Mach 2 at FL400, maintaining the speed for less than 1 minute and decelerating back to subsonic in a straight line.
The sonic boom pressure contours in psf were produced within an approximation acceptable for the purpose and the available time. The results were found in qualitative agreement with footprints of other aircraft (e.g. T-38, F-14) showing significant overpressures below the flight path, with the footprint expanding more than 30km on each side. After that point cutoff is expected due to refraction.
Transforming the psf to dB is a single simple step, but you don’t want to show those dB values to the authorities, unless they ask for them…

Sonic boom footprint v1.0

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