Unconventional Unmanned Airship

I hadn’t seen Stelios for a long time, till I received a call from him some days ago. The project is on the design of an unconventional unmanned airship looking for technical report support and the proof of concept flying as soon as possible. The design objective is an airship that will be able to achieve performance and resistance to weather conditions which will surpass competition initially at low altitudes, with further development aiming for high altitudes.

Unconventional designs are always interesting, but they should be approached with a critical eye. So I do play devil’s advocate, not to hinder the development, but in order to raise those questions that might have not been considered enough or at all and I think that there is a big question mark in one of the basic flight areas.

All details are under an NDA till the project is presented publicly (hopefully…), so not much information can be revealed at the moment.

I am not sure whether I will have the time to fully contribute to this one, but when a guy drives for 5+ hours to meet you, invests his time and money on a potential “game-changer”, struggling to account for all details and trying to overcome his limitations, then I cannot ignore him.

Whether it works or not, it doesn’t matter. This is how pioneers are born…


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