The Greek version of the Cooper-Harper HQ Rating Scale

The Cooper–Harper rating scale is a set of criteria used by test pilots and flight test engineers to evaluate the handling qualities of aircraft during flight test. The scale ranges from 1 to 10, with 1 indicating the best handling characteristics and 10 the worst. The criteria are evaluative and thus the scale is considered subjective [1].

This scale has been translated in many languages around the world from Test Pilot School students, but not in Greek. Whether it is needed or not, as I have receieved considerable training on its use, I considered creating the Greek version of the scale. A common issue with this scale is that pilots rush to use it with out first reading the descriptive report [2] (well, pilots are usually like that…) and as a result the ratings can be biased. Any how…

Be aware that the Greek version is not a raw translation, but some points require an aviation perspective in the translation; despite this the wording rules described in the report still hold.

Below the Greek HQR scale v.1.0. Contact me through my website for the .pdf version or any feedback on the scale.


[1] Cooper–Harper rating scale, Wikipedia

[2]  G. Cooper and R. Harper. The use of pilot rating in the evaluation of aircraft handling qualities. Technical Report TN D-5153, NASA, April 1969.

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