F-16 Variable Stability Research Flight Sim


The F-16 Variable Stability Research Flight Sim was set-up successfully at ITPS. Based on a standard Flight Dynamix Viper simulator, advanced aerodynamic models as described by NASA publication [1] were implemented allowing for the design and testing of various FCS using Simulink and a standard force-sensing HOTAS. Up & Away pitch tracking tasks, as well as low level off-set approaches were used as part of the FCS evaluations using the Cooper-Harper Handling Qualities Rating scale [2]. Overall great training for the pilots (including myself) and a great asset for ITPS. In the photo above, myself as instructor and simulator operator, while Murat Soloturk (former Turkish F-16 demo pilot) flies the sim.

[1] NASA-79-TP-1538, Sim Study of Stall-Post Stall Charachteristics of Fighter with Relaxed Longitudinal Static Stability, Dec 1979.

[2]  G. Cooper and R. Harper. The use of pilot rating in the evaluation of aircraft handling qualities. Technical Report TN D-5153, NASA, April 1969.

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  1. Aviationlive2l says:

    Is that Murat Keles?

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