Ariane 6 simplified CAD design and mesh generation

Ariane rocket family are expendable launch systems used to deliver payloads into geostationary transfer orbit (GTO) or low Earth orbit (LEO). ESA has finalised the design of the next generation rocket, Ariane 6. A smaller more flexible rocket due to the reduction in liquid fuel, featuring the same payload fairing diameter as the Ariane 5 ME and capable of launching a single satellite of 3 to 6.5 tonnes to a geostationary transfer orbit.

For CFD analysis purposes a simplified Ariane 6 design was created based on the available conceptual design provided by ESA. An initial mesh was the generated on the quarter model using a conical far-field. Layers of prismatic elements were created around the central part geometry and the rest of the field was filled with tetrahedra. The grid is going to be used running simulations at speeds up to Mach 3.



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