Training on CFD pre-processing

The significance of Computational Fluid Dynamics on the design of aircraft and other flow related structures is well known. However, in order to get accurate solutions, solving the differential equations is not enough. The describing geometry and the computational mesh need to be of a good quality and to respect certain limitations (what is usually called “pre-processing” in CAE).

Being involved in aerodynamic simulators, Dr. HM from Austin, TX, was sent by my main client to Patras to deliver us a 4-day highly intensive seminar. During the seminar we deepened in a powerful CFD pre-processing tool and received training on advanced methods of CAD cleaning and mesh generation.


Being involved in the testing and evaluation of this software package, I do like the algorithms used, some of which are world unique, but I have certain reservations on the interface and the way it communicates with the user. I ‘ll express my concerns and maybe reconsider…

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