Work for University of Patras

Back to my office. Under a contract with University of Patras I am giving some lectures on Aerodynamics and organizing the laboratory exercises to be introduced for the first time. So, this semester students had to design and analyze aerodynamically a UAV glider’s wing using open source software. The project was split in two parts for airfoil and wing analysis respectively. The objectives and the structure of the project was made to be as realistic as possible asking for analytic individual reports on specific deadlines. An other pioneering thing for the department was that all the student reports were received electronically, reviewed electronically with comments and e-mailed back to the students resulting in significant progress in their writing.

The first page of each part is seen below as given to the students (in Greek). Exact numbers are not shown on purpose for future students following my blog.



An other part of my work for the UoP regards the supervision of diploma dissertations. Right now we are doing some work on OpenFOAM CFD solvers and their compatibility with various grid types. Incompressible and compressible flows are simulated around geometries varying from simple ducts to airplanes. Below some results on pressure and velocity distributions for an incompressible flow around a bike.



Well, Patras is a nice place to live. Greece is going through some serious problems right now, but as long as you remain focused and dedicated on your work keeping an international horizon, things do not affect you.

I don’t know how long I’ll stay here, but I’ll give it a try and see how things go.

PS: I miss my bike…

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