Advanced FCS Course – ITPS Canada, Sept. 2013

ITPS patch2

International Test Pilot School is introducing a new course on Advanced Flight Control Systems in its Flight Test Diploma curriculum and I am invited to contribute as an instructor. So, flying back to London Ontario for 3 weeks this September to set-up some flight simulator exercises for the test pilot and flight test engineer students. If things work out as planned (and they will!) I am sure it will be an exciting 3 weeks for all of us with the students getting solid knowledge and understanding of classical and modern control design techniques. DM will be the head instructor having similar experience in the USAF TPS.


Among the other things, I will lecture on Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion theory. Dynamic inversion is a modern control design tool that its power is shown in nonlinear systems like aircraft and is suitable for a wide range of operating conditions including high-angle-of-attack and hypervelocity design. What happens is that the NDI controller takes into account the nonlinearities of the aircraft and does not require gain scheduling like other tools that work on the linearized model of the aircraft. The technique is generally based on the feedback linearization approach. (I know, I ‘ll need to make it as pilot-friendly as possible…)

inner-loop fast dynamics controller

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