Building up the F-16 flight sim


The F-16 flight simulator is being built for FCS training purposes. The nonlinear F-16 model that describes the dynamics of the aircraft is being used as in Stevens and Lewis Aircraft Control and Simulation textbook. MATLAB, Simulink, C plants and X-Plane as an Image Generator are bound together in order to bring into life the real-time interaction of the pilots controls with the flight model and visuals. The non-FBW behavior of the F-16 is interesting by itself revealing the very sensitive controls and the change in aircraft’s stability with CG movement. The nonlinear model is then linearized in order to be used with classical methods of control system design. The designed FCS is then implemented in the simulator and the behavior of the aircraft changes drastically. The simulator is also equipped with a custom HUD as  the default one cannot support the flight model when X-Plane is used as an image generator.


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