3D panel method, Stalls, Hybrid grids and FBW Simulink set-up in…Greece

Pretty busy lately. Once at ITPS my director asked me how busy I am and I answered “more busy you die!”… well the situation has not changed much since then (not sure whether its good or not…)
– Some of my latest work involes setting up some 3D panel method exercises in XFLR5 for undergraduates studing aerodynamics. Yeah, I know not the most precise thing in the business but for low AoA and Reynolds, its not that bad, especially for students being introduced to aerodynamics, and looks nice.


– Another thing I did lately was to create a video of some stall testing flights in the Phenom. Combining multiple camera views, voice recordings, and on board instrumentation you can really get a very accurate look of what happened. During the stick pusher operation we experieced negative 0.2g and I took off my seat. Fun to watch…


– Oh… and back to hybrid grids after over one year of absence. Playing again with geometry and block topologies, tetrahedra, pyramids, prism and hexahedrals is not that bad but its not that easy either. But we were not born for the easy right?


– Digital Flight Control Testing (DFCT) is pretty interesting. I worked a bit on the coupling of Simulink to X-plane which can provide a really good method to test various transfer functions and train pilots in PIO situations. So we are getting there and its going to be used soon!


All the above from my beloved Greece. The country of Socrates, Aristotele, Platon, Thalis, Solon and Leonidas, that has become today the country of Menegaki, Stefanidou, Liagas and Alexandratou… my poor country what did they do to you…

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1 Response to 3D panel method, Stalls, Hybrid grids and FBW Simulink set-up in…Greece

  1. Basil Limopoulos says:

    Το γ***ανε φίλε. Το κάναμε f***** up!

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