Frequency sweeps and Bode plots

The Advanced FCS course was repeated for the second time these year. Course material was further expanded in accordance to DM recommendations including this time frequency sweep training in all axes. Data were gathered (managed to get a sample rate of 20Hz out of the flight sim which was just enough for our training purposes) and further processes. (The sweep shown below wouldn’t be the most comfortable in real conditions, but student will improve with training.)


Various FCS response types were examined and through system identification Bode plots were eventually created and analysed in class.


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T-6 Harvard flight

A short flight took place in one historical training aircraft. T-6 has served many Air Forces including the Hellenic one. What is certain is that flying with these airplanes you built huge respect for the aviators of that era.


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Director at SFTE BoD

Great great honor to be nominated and elected as a Director in the SFTE International Board of Directors together with some exceptional individuals.

The period of duties is 2 years where each board member serves different responsibilities and all together working towards the benefit of the society, flight testing an science. Regular meetings take place mostly through teleconferencing but also during the international symposiums.


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Time Space Position Information (TSPI) notes


Time Space Position information is all about accurate referencing. Especially nowadays that high precision is critical for various air operations, either manner, unmanned, or testing of systems, TSPI is of paramount importance. Sensors employed in TSPI include theodolites, radars, GPS, IMU, RF sensors, optical techniques and others. Through sensor fusion multiple sensors can be combined for accuracy that comes down to few cm’s of position uncertainty. One of the basic problems associated with this process is that the aircraft coordinate system is different than the TSPI coordinate system. Transformation and post processing is not as simple as it might initially seem when looking for higher order accuracy where earth model concepts of world geodetic system (WGS-84) and geoidal separation have to be taken into consideration. Working with JM at the moment to develop some complete notes on the subject.

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Speaker and session chair at Dayton OH


Great time spent at 45th International SFTE Symposium at Dayton Ohio. Among other things had the chance to visit the places where the Wright brothers worked, lived and tested some of their aircraft.

The symposium’s banquet took place at the National Museum of the USAF next to an YF-22 and some other aviation’s technological marvels. Notice the Greek flag among the other attending nations.


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IADS Control Room setup complete

The setup of the IADS control room was complete. The control room is capable of supporting multiple users and test disciplines where an existing telemetry pre-processor exists or an IADS standard data source protocol is supplied.

The control room consists of an Caching Data Server, an Operator Console and multiple fully configurable real-time display Clients. This system can be used to archive and display both Raw and EU data. Exactly the same software and setup is used by major aircraft manufacturers (Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Cessna, etc.) and military test establishments (Edwards AFB, NASA Ames, PAX NAWCAD, etc.).


The present configuration currently coupled to an X-plane simulator for training purposes can be very easily transformed to support actual flying aircraft, with the current plan aiming towards UAV real-time monitoring in the near future.


This completes all the objectives of the present phase. Thanks to DC for his help in resolving network issues.
Time for well deserved summer vacations in Greece :-)

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Like kids

Devoted to myself for my 33rd birthday and to my friend Vassilis for all we have shared. We’ll always be like kids…

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